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I’ve spent the last decade helping people achieve a better shower experience at home. I’ve worked in plumbing showroom retail, and as a design consultant for bathroom remodeling projects. I firmly believe that a daily shower is one of life’s great luxuries. Today’s bathroom hardware, from rain shower heads and steam shower units to glass enclosures and decorative tiles, can provide a spa experience at home, every day. My experience has put me on the pulse of bathroom shower design, and I’ve created this site as a portal for all the shower information a homeowner needs.

Better Showering is run by a team of bathroom design enthusiasts, and our mission is to help homeowners find the best shower fixtures and options for their unique needs. Starting the day with a rejuvenating shower can help you relax, relieve sore muscles, and improve complexion, but there are more considerations than just comfort. Energy efficiency and smart design are essential to today’s homeowners. If you are looking for a spa shower head, we review the best and provide you with in-depth information about features, benefits, costs and more. Looking to add water-proof speakers to your shower experience? We’ll help you find the right system for your needs and budget. If you are concerned about how to pick the best contractors to make sure the job is done right, we are here to give you tips and resources to make the process as smooth as possible.

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