If you’re here, you know the feeling of owning a shower head that falls into one of two categories. One, the water is too powerful, or two, the flow rate is too low. Either way, it ruins your shower. Delta shower heads are among the many different systems that can recreate the way your shower time experience. A new shower head can resolve many problems. Properly balancing flow rates and providing different water spray methods are a couple of improvements you’ll experience.

I know that after installing new shower heads in our home, the difference was instantly noticeable. I felt the improvements in water flow rate increase and pressure settings immediately. The trickle, rain, and the hand shower wand also made the shower experience far more enjoyable. And this was a mid-level shower system we chose to install in the home. So, imagine if we went with the higher-end models. If your shower experience is underwhelming, it might be time for a new shower head. With hundreds of options, let’s see if we can find what the best fit is for your family.

Comparison Table

Types of Delta Shower Heads Available

The line of Delta shower heads is expansive. To illustrate, the company carries body showers, shower heads, rain, and hand showers. Additionally, they implement different technologies to maximize efficiency and water flow. All of this combines to create a more enjoyable experience for end users.

Body Shower

The line of Delta shower heads in this category allow owners to adjust the head up to 50 degrees. It features massaging, refreshing, full spray, and soothing water flow settings. Furthermore, it comes with an easy to remove spray head, allowing owners more variety to enjoy the shower experience.

Shower Head

fixed shower head is one which owners install on the wall or the ceiling of the shower. There are different water flow technologies. Some of these include a rain shower, H2Okinnect, and WaterSense trickle systems. These items reduce water consumption and are more efficient requiring less energy to operate.

Hand Shower

Last, the company also carries Delta hand shower heads. They come in a variety of finishes and include different technologies to enhance the shower experience. With temperature control options and energy efficiency, owners have full control of their shower. Varying flow rates are also available, depending on the type of hand shower consumers select.

Delta Shower Heads Innovations

There are several innovations that Delta shower heads feature, that consumers are going to love. Some of these features include:

  • H2OKinetics allowing owners to control the speed, pressure, and water flow direction
  • Magnatite docking, utilizing a powerful magnet to keep the shower wand in place
  • Volume control to adjust temperature settings
  • Touch clean rubber hoses, to prevent calcium and mineral deposits from forming
  • ActivTouch hand showers, with up to three spray selections and eight pressure settings

These are a few of the superior technologies and advancements built into Delta Shower Heads. Not every system includes each feature. However, they do incorporate multiple design characteristics, setting them apart from competitors.

Average Price of Delta Shower Heads

Every shower head is different. Most Delta shower heads run $50 to $600. There are, of course, technologies, finishes, and design aspects that increase/decrease cost. So, consumers should shop around to find the best shower head and best prices.

How We Reviewed Delta Shower Heads and the Competition

We included multiple Delta shower heads and competitors products in our review process. Firstly, we reviewed the efficiency, flow rate, and the technologies of each shower head. Then, we compared the varieties of shower heads competitors sell versus Delta shower heads available. Lastly, we include the price range and average ratings of each shower head in our review. This information gives consumers essential product details, and prices of several products and brands. So, they can choose the best shower head, regardless of the budget set for new shower systems.

Delta Shower Heads and the Competition

Although Delta shower heads offer premium finishes and technologies, there are other manufacturers to consider also. These are a few of the best shower heads, from Delta and its competition.


Delta Faucet 57140-PN H2Okinetic Pendant Raincan Shower Head, Polished...
  • H2okinetic technology sculpts the water into a unique wave pattern, giving the feeling of more water without using more...
  • Assembled Dimensions: 14 in. H x 9 in. D x 9 in. W
  • 2.00 gpm @ 80 psi, 7.6 L/min @ 550 kPa maximum water usage

The shower head produces up to 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM) water flow at 80 psi (pressure per-square-inch). It has the H2OKinnect technology sculpts the water into a distinct wave pattern. This trait makes it feel like more water flow is coming from the shower head at a higher flow rate. Additionally, the shower has an EPA WaterSense® certification. This characteristic means it uses up to 20 percent less water than the federal standard.

This product also features six nozzles, maximizing the efficiency and creating a spa experience at home. Furthermore, the rain spray pattern creates a soothing trickle of water flow, for a comfortable and relaxing shower experience. The flow rate of this shower head is adjustable as well. The shower head also includes the Prop 65 warning. So, it’s safe for use in the state of California. It’s available in chrome, matte black, champagne, polished nickel, and stainless steel finishes.

One reviewer indicates the ceiling has to be completely flat to install this. Additionally, it is plastic with a stainless steel coating, so not the best finish, especially for the price.

The average ratings are 3.8 out of 5 stars on Wayfair.


Delta 75583SN In2ition 5-Setting Two-in-One Shower
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

The EPA WaterSense shower head is efficient and features five-setting controls for water flow delivery. It has an adjustable 2.0 GPM setting, helping conserve water, without scaling back on an enjoyable shower experience. The shower head and hand shower work simultaneously, also. So, it allows users to enjoy water flow from two directions simultaneously to enhance the shower experience.

There are three setting options owners can choose from when taking a shower with this product. These are hand-only, shower-only, or hand and shower combination. The hose is 69 inches long, and the hand shower features a pause function. The spray settings are massage, slow massage, full spray, full body, and fast massage. Therefore, owners can adjust it accordingly, for maximum efficiency and enjoyability, each time they shower.

The owner indicates it originally was an excellent product. However, after only six months of ownership, the hand system no longer operates in their home.

The average ratings are 4.0 out of 5 stars on Home Depot.


Delta Faucet 50150 Surface Mount Body Spray, Chrome,1.50 x 2.69 x 1.50...
  • Full body spray
  • Finished spray face with Touch-Clean spray holes
  • 2 11/16" square diameter spray face

The shower heads of this system adjust up to 30 degrees, up and down in the shower. This feature makes it so that owners can choose how quickly and from which direction water flow is falling. With the Touch-Clean technology, owners can easily wipe the rubber tips on the shower head. This design minimizes calcium and deposit build-up to help prevent clogging. The shower system also delivers up to 1.75 GPM flow rate for maximum efficiency.

There are multiple finishes consumers can choose from for their home. Champagne, matte black, stainless steel, chromium, and other materials are available. So, every consumer can select the finish that perfectly matches their bathroom’s decor. Regardless of the personal style, preference, or finishes consumers want, there’s something for every shower with this Delta system. The full body spray settings and Delta’s limited lifetime warranty further back the quality of this system.

One reviewer indicates the product doesn’t remain under warranty when a third-party company installs it. They suggest their plumber would not put the system under a warranty of their own.

The average ratings are 4.6 out of 5 stars on Delta.


Grohe 28373000 Rainshower Cosmopolitan 210 1-Spray Showerhead, Chrome
  • Grohe Starlight finish for scratch and tarnish-resistant surfaces for a lifetime of beauty
  • Grohe DreamSpray features advanced shower engines to deliver precise and consistent water distribution throughout any...
  • Grohe Dropstop

The 12-inch shower head maximizes water flow with 120 spray nozzles. The broad coverage area produces up to 2.5 GPM water flow rate. It has the StarLight finish, which protects the shower head from scratches. It is also rust resistant, and the Grohe SpeedClean protects from limescale formation on the shower head. Owners can easily adjust the pressure levels and can modify the 2.5 GPM flow rate to softer settings. If they prefer a more comfortable experience, trickle water settings can create that atmosphere.

A ball-joint socket shower head system allows owners to adjust the shower head 15 degrees in any direction. Therefore, owners can maximize their shower experience to distribute water flow evenly in all directions. Easy installation and minimal maintenance and cleaning make this shower head efficient and highly operable in any home.

One reviewer indicates the shower head itself is excellent, and they love the shower experience. The only drawback is that it’s deafening while operating.

The average ratings are 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


KOHLER K-72414-CP Awaken G90 Multifunction HandShower, Polished Chrome...
  • Handshower features a contemporary and elegant design
  • Advanced spray engine provides three alternate experiences
  • Intense drenching spray delivers a forceful spray ideal for rinsing soap from hair

The three-kit shower head includes a slide bar kit with the hand shower system. This design allows owners to quickly secure the hand shower in place while it is not in use. There are also three spray settings to choose from with the hand shower. These include coverage, targeted massage, and intense flow settings. So, whether owners prefer softer water flow or trickle, or direct and intense water flow, they’re in control. There’s a thumb tab on the side of the hand shower system. This addition is excellent, as it increases the usability of the hand shower. Owners can quickly move the push tab up or down mid-shower. This feature allows them to adjust pressure levels and the water flow pattern they desire.

The all-in-one kit also includes the hose extension to use the hand shower. The hose is 60 inches long, making it extremely efficient and highly usable. It’s easier to reach the hard to reach areas while they’re showering. The ergonomic grip design maximizes comfort in the shower as well. The targeted spray function focuses on a steady stream of water. And the 2.0 GPM flow rate is more efficient than other hand shower systems. The affordable price point is another key selling point of this shower head system. Lastly, it also includes the Kohler limited lifetime warranty. So, consumers have coverage in the event of defects with this shower head system as well.

One reviewer indicates the poor quality of this product detracts from the features. It is plastic, not a stainless steel finish, throughout the body. Additionally, the hose is rigid, and they indicate it is also hard to bend.

The average ratings are 4.0 out of 5 stars at Home Depot.

Are Delta Shower Heads Superior to the Competition?

With hundreds of great shower heads to choose from, you want the best for your household. For the best shower head, we recommend the Grohe 12-inch shower head. The spray system is 12-inches, providing a large coverage area to maximize the shower experience. It also has the StarLight finish, which helps prevent scratching on the chrome surface of the shower head. There are 120 spray nozzles and up to 2.5 GPM flow rate.

In case you want the best hand shower system, we recommend the Delta In2ition. In addition to the five settings owners can choose from, it has three selection options for water flow. Owners can select to use the hand system, the shower head, or both at the same time. The 2.0 GPM flow rate and pause setting is an excellent characteristic. It helps create a more efficient shower experience while maximizing enjoyability for owners. Regardless of whether they prefer hand, shower head, or a combination, they have full control with this system.

Finally, the best body spray system is the Surface Mount Body Spray system. It has a full body spray and is easy to clean with the rubber tip finishes. The easy-wipe surface also helps prevent calcium and deposit build up in the shower head. It’s available in several finishes including matte black, steel, champagne, and several others. The shower head adjusts 30 degrees up and down, and the 1.75 GPM flow rate maximizes the shower experience.

There are several great Delta shower heads to choose from, as well as competitors products. Depending on your budget and the features you’re looking for, every consumer will select something a little different. These are some of the best, regardless of the type of shower experience you desire.

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