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Maintaining proper water heating and filtration in your home is important for your household. Sometimes the anode rod breaks down or deteriorates. When this happens, you should know how often to change the anode rod in a water filter. In this article, we will discuss this process, including how an anode rod functions and how to inspect one.

How Often to Change the Anode Rod in a Water Filter

You must change your water heater anode rod about once every six years when it is operating under normal working conditions. This can vary depending on the mineral composition of your water. As an example, if your water has a lot of salt, the anode rod might degrade quickly; sometimes within six months.

Detailed Anode Rod Maintenance

Corrosion in Water Heaters

What Is the Anode Rod Exactly?

How Often Should You Change the Anode Rod?

Anode Rod Inspection

Water Tank Shutoff

Removing the Anode Rod




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Maintaining your anode rod is essential to the life of your water heater. Understanding how an anode rod works, how to inspect one, and its function in water heaters will save you time and money in the long-term.

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