Taking a shower can transport you to a nautical fantasy realm with an octopus shower curtain. Who doesn't love an octopus? In the immortal words of Ringo Star: "I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shade."

Are you ready to decompress in a whimsical underwater wonderland full of magical cephalopods and singing, animated creatures? You're probably in for a disappointment. You can, however, really enjoy your shower, hum a great Beatles tune and smile at your adorable -- or possibly terrifying -- octopus shower curtain.

A Favorite Since Victorian Times

squid clipart

​Octopuses and the related giant squid have been a source of fascination and terror at least since Victorian times when a live octopus was on display at an aquarium in the French town of Boulogne in 1867. After that, the octopus took London by storm at the Crystal Palace aquarium. "Cephalomania" became a craze, and everyone wanted to see "the wonderful octopus, or Devil Fish." Even today, the octopus is still extremely popular, as scientists uncover more about their alien-like genetics, completely unlike all other animals.

On the other arm, they are one of the mascots of the current Steampunk craze, which was heavily inspired by the 1870 Jules Verne classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and its giant octopuses. The Victorian era inspires the Steampunk style of design and fashion, with a futuristic twist. In short, an octopus, with its alien and other-worldly appearance and high intelligence, is the perfect animal to represent that theme.

Fortunately, creating your own octopus garden in your bathroom is simple. That's because there is a surprisingly large consortium of eight-footed reef dwellers now available at the touch of your fingertips. The hardest part will be picking out the sea creature that appeals the most to you. As you will see, you can choose a realistic-looking or a more stylized animal. Some of them look like they came right out of the Victorian era. Comparatively, others are modern and funky.

We'll take a fun peek at some of the best octopus shower curtains out there so you can escape to your watery world ASAP. The octopuses with the best designs and highest quality materials will rise to the top, so you can find them without spending too much time surfing. (Unless you just want to!)

An Octopus Shower Curtain for Your Octopus Garden


​Let's begin our adventure in the search for the perfect octopus shower curtain. It becomes readily apparent that these creatures are just as wildly popular as ever, with a variety of great choices. Cephalomania never really went away.

​Realistic or Whimsical Cephalopod?


​Mounting Your Mollusk

​Curtain Costs

Plenty of Octopuses In the Sea

octopus in the sea

​When we went surfing for octopus shower curtains, we immediately found a wide variety of great choices. If you love an octopus like we do, there is little doubt you'll find something perfect for you.

How we collected our creatures

We gathered our octopuses on Amazon and Etsy. We love the idea of buying handmade items, as they are generally more unique and high-quality. So that's where we will start. There is a stunning array of choices on Amazon, but to narrow it down, we picked only the ones with at least 4.0 out of 5-star ratings. We avoided those with fewer than two customer ratings.

Octopus Vineyard Shower Curtain in Goldenrod design by Thomas Paul

thomaspaul Octopus Vyard Shower Curtain
  • Hand Silk Screened Shower Curtain
  • 100% cotton basket weave fabric
  • Machine Wash Cold Liner Recommended

This one is on the high-end in cost, but it is stunning and has that authentic Victorian look. It features luxurious colors of blue, green, and gold on a creamy background. Designer Thomas Paul combined his favorite design motifs: sea creatures and floral prints. The design takes inspiration from Cape Cod and the island of Martha's Vineyard.

The material is a cotton basket weave that can be machine washed on cold. It might be better to dry clean it. You'll need to use a liner to protect it from the water. The curtain measures 72 inches by 72 inches, and the beautiful print is hand-screened. You may order it from high-end design sites like Burke Decor, but it's also available at Amazon.com.​

If the colors are not what you're looking for, there are versions of this octopus design in charcoal on cream, silver metallic on white, and even a Japanese Shibori dyed version in shades of dark blue. They are all exquisite.

FolkandFunky Octopus Shower Curtain

Sharp Shirter Octopus Shower Curtain Set Nautical Bathroom Decor...
  • Sharp Shirter shower curtains are printed on a super soft 100% Polyester Fabric. Each curtain measures 71 x 74 inches...
  • Cool octopus shower Nautical Bathroom Decor Steampunk Art Scuba Diver Gold Tentacles Underwater Theme
  • Perfect Christmas gift idea, birthday present or treating yourself to the best graphic shower curtain. Turn your...

This octopus shower curtain is also hand-made and made to order in the USA on Etsy. If you want a whimsical octopus with lots of color, it would be hard to beat this one. The detailed antique engraving sits on a light blue background with tons of colorful bubbles in yellow, pink, and blue-green. The FolkandFunky shop features many other octopus designs, but this was our favorite. There is a variety, from super-realistic to more whimsical and light-hearted like this one.

The material is 100% polyester designed to hang outside of the bath or shower area. It has a 12 button-hole top and does not come with hanging hardware. You can select 71 inches wide by 74 inches long, or a 94-inch length.

Sharpshirter Octopus Shower Curtain​

Sharp Shirter Battling The Octopus Shower Curtain
  • Sharp Shirter shower curtains are printed on a super soft 100% Polyester Fabric. Each curtain measures 71 x 74 inches...
  • This product is highly susceptible to counterfeiting. Please make sure you are purchasing an authentic Sharp Shirter...
  • Perfect Christmas gift idea, birthday present or treating yourself to the best graphic shower curtain. Turn your...

For those who love the Steampunk design, this octopus shower curtain is right up your alley. It features a vintage, and very Steampunk-looking deep-sea diver wearing a finned diving bell helmet. A large octopus has come to say hello, up close and personal but he doesn't look remotely concerned. The design is dark blue and white. It will make a great conversation piece, although some might find it a bit too dramatic.

The curtain measures 71 inches wide by 72 inches long. The material is a waterproof elastic, plastic, polyester, and cotton blend. Printed in China and handmade. You may machine wash and dry it on low. Sharpshirter uses anti-rust grommets at the top for hanging. Hooks come separately. A nice perk is that the seller donates a portion of each sale to The African Wildlife Foundation.​

Ambesonne Octopus Shower Curtains

Ambesonne Octopus Shower Curtain, Kraken Roses Leaves Tentacles...
  • 70 INCHES LONG x 69 INCHES WIDE - High quality Turkish fabric, No liner needed, Includes free hooks
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Vibrant colors, Clear image, No fading, No dyes harming health of your family
  • WATERPROOF - Non vinyl, Non PEVA, Environmentally friendly

Another octopus shower curtain with a floral design incorporated, this one has feminine tones of pink. The octopus has an antique Victorian look in a dark blue color. There is one octopus centered with the tentacles of two other octopuses flanking it from above on each side. Ambesonne offers another dramatic octopus design that has a vintage antique look with a charcoal black octopus against a gold backdrop with big pink tropical flowers.

If you don't like the floral element, Ambesonne has many other choices. You may choose a fierce looking "Kraken" octopus shower curtain. It's monochromatic in dark blue and white. Or, if you like a realistic and bit scary looking orange octopus that appears to be inspired by a Giant Pacific octopus, then they have that design as well.

They have a design that incorporates a "European style" sailboat with heavily stylized rolling waves and the legendary Kraken attacking the ship. It comes in two different color choices: Shades of dark brown on beige or navy blue on a light background.

Ambesonne doesn't stop there. They also offer a more comical smiling cartoon octopus shower curtain. It would be perfect to inspire kids to brush their teeth, floss, use soap, and flush the toilet. The caption: "wash, brush, floss, flush" appears on the lower left. The octopus holds toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, a washcloth, and even a toilet in its eight arms.

The material for the Ambesonne curtains is 100 percent polyester, which the manufacturer calls "High-quality Turkish fabric." It is machine washable, and you won't need a liner. It measures 70 inches long by 69 inches wide, and you will receive free hooks with your order.

Artown Octopus Shower Curtain

Artown Octopus Shower Curtain, Mint Green Jellyfish Ocean Animal...
  • Ideal Size - 72" x 72"(180cm x 180cm) to fit standard size bathtubs, 12 free hooks included. It is designed with...
  • Superior Quality - 100% polyester fabric, easy to clean, machine washable, no liner needed. This eco-friendly shower...
  • Modern Design - Fashion patterns with art digital printing technique, no fading. Vibrant colors and clear image will...

This octopus shower curtain might be your favorite if you love the shades of blue and green of the sea and want lots of drama on a large scale. It has a gorgeous hand-illustrated look on a crisp, clean white background. The octopus is scaled to cover the entire curtain with the suction-cupped legs swirling in wild spirals all over. A few bubbles are the only other motif.

The fabric is polyester and measures 72 inches by 72 inches. It's machine washable, and you won't need a liner. It has reinforced rustproof metal grommets and comes with 12 hooks for hanging.

YEHO Art Gallery Elegant Abstract Colorful Octopus Shower Curtain

YEHO Art Gallery Stylish Living Elegant Abstract Colorful Octopus Art...
  • Size:36"x72",36"x78",48"x72",54"x78",60"x72",66"x72",72"x72",72"x78",72"x84",72"x96"
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Vibrant colors, Clear image, No fading, No dyes harming health of your family
  • WATERPROOF -Non vinyl, Non PEVA, Environmentally friendly

​This one is different for those who want something colorful and less detailed. The octopus shower curtain has a delicate soft watercolor look created with 3D printing. The octopus has all the colors of the rainbow on a clean white background. YEHO offers the curtain in a wide range of sizes to fit your need. The curtain is waterproof material so that you won't need a liner. It comes with a set of plastic hooks to place in the metal grommets.​

BLEUM CADE Octopus Shower Curtain

​Similar to the previous design we looked at, this octopus shower curtain features a stylized octopus with soft colors in shades of blue, green, and pink. Uniquely, the octopus suction cups and curling tendrils are the main features in dramatic black and white line art. It has a modern look, departing from the antique and Victorian style.

The octopus shower curtain is water-repellent printed peach fabric. It comes with 12 plastic hooks to hang it and is 70 inches long by 69 inches wide.

The Best and the Worst Bits


​Now that we've reviewed our consortium of octopus shower curtains let's take a look at some factors that might influence your choice.

Three out of three hearts

For the quality of the design and the fabric and the authentic Victorian look, it would be hard to beat the octopus shower curtain by Thomas Paul. In the first place, it has a high-end look that is sure to impress those who appreciate the style. However, the drawback is that you'll require a vinyl liner as the fabric is cotton. The cost is by far the highest of those we reviewed, but if that isn't an issue, this might be your top choice. You will need to buy hardware to hang the curtain and liner. We give it three out of three hearts because that's how many hearts an octopus has. Strange, isn't it?

Less than eight arms

​There are so many designs that are amazing. On the whole, the only drawback we can find is that 100 percent polyester doesn't have the same luxurious feel as high-quality cotton fabric. On the other hand, it's also effortless to take care of. If you get down to the nitty-gritty, curtains that feature rust-resistant metal grommets might be a determining factor for some people. Also, you might not mind the idea of spending a bit more to buy a handmade octopus shower curtain that you will enjoy for many years to come. All of the octopuses we looked at appeared to have high-quality, vibrant printing. The style will be a matter of personal choice.

Which Octopus Emerged On Top?


​We love the octopus shower curtain choices from Etsy in addition to the design by Thomas Paul. Certainly, it's always great to know that you have purchased something hand-made, and a bit more unique. Even better, you are often supporting craftspeople in the United States. (Although the printing often still happens in China.) However, the lower-price choices on Amazon have bold and vibrant graphics too.

Tell us which octopus rose to the top for you. We hope you are enjoying your own octopus garden very soon.


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