It’s possible for most homeowners to tell when they’re water heater is failing. If you’re in this situation, you’re wondering if a Ruud water heater is a sound investment for your home. If your hot water doesn’t last as long as it should, it’s only lukewarm at the highest levels or doesn’t heat up at all, the time has come to act. The last thing you want is for these issues to arise in the dead of winter.

When you first notice the water heater giving out on you, it’s a good idea to call a professional. Let them check the water heater, its operability, and identify whether it’s time for a replacement. Once you know your options, you can get your showers back on track. Comparing the best water heaters is a good starting point to finding the right one for you. Know your options, the top brands, longevity, and pricing, and it will make life easier when the time comes to buy.

Why Buy a Ruud Water Heater

For those who are considering Ruud water heater amongst the top brands to invest in, it’s an excellent option. Ruud is known worldwide as a leader in heating, cooling, and water heating products. Rheem corporation owns Ruud, which is the generic line of products available through Rheem. So, it’s a global industry name that consumers can rely upon for quality water heaters.

Offering preferred and universal parts in production, guarantee the best output of Ruud water heater systems. Additionally, the company has a presence in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as a leader in its field. Around-the-clock customer support, exclusive tankless water heaters, and product backing are some benefits the company offers. With Ruud water heaters, consumers have the peace of mind in knowing full protection is available for their system.

Types of Ruud Water Heater Systems

Ruud PROE50 T2 RU95
  • 95 Ef
  • Enhanced-flow brass drain valve
  • Premium grade anode rod provides long-lasting tank protection

Ruud uses the best parts in the production of their water heaters. Additionally, they manufacture four main varieties of systems for homeowners to select. These include gas, electric, hybrid-electric, and preferred tankless heaters. Depending on the home’s needs and family size, every household will choose a different model. Furthermore, budget and placement of the water heater also dictate what consumers will buy.


A gas water heater is usually lower in cost to operate than electric. Of course, this depends on the local utility costs in the area. In addition to the lower operational cost, gas heaters require less time to reheat the water. The tanks also last an average of 12 to 15 years, which is a little longer than electric tanks. A gas Ruud water heater also operates if the power goes out using stored energy. This feature isn’t possible with electric tanks.


For homes using traditional electric energy sources, an electric water heater is usually the best option. These are readily available and come in various tank sizes. They’re most straightforward to install, don’t require much upkeep, and last for up to 15 years for most systems. Today, there are also energy efficient models and hybrid systems that help offset the higher cost of electric power.


A tankless water heater uses intense flashes of heat on a coil-system to produce hot water instantly. Many tankless water heaters provide continuous hot water flow. They are more efficient than other water heaters. However, they initially cost more, as well. They’re also easier to maintain because there isn’t a huge water tank to manage. These systems are best for homes with a gas line, so no electrical upgrade work is necessary.

Hybrid electric

A hybrid Ruud water heater heats cold water with electrical wiring sources. A heat pump will pull ambient air into the tank and extract it. Heat pumps can deliver water up to 33 percent faster than traditional electric tanks. Depending on the household size, there are varying gallon sizes. Additionally, homeowners should note this system costs more up front than gas or electric water heaters.

Average Price of a Ruud Water Heater

The cost of a Ruud water heater obviously varies given the type of heating element it uses. A tankless heater is going to cost more than gas or electric. The same goes for hybrid-electric models. In some instances, this price doesn’t include installation or disposal of the old water heater. So, it’s also important to consider these costs when choosing your new Ruud water heater.

How We Compared Ruud and Other Water Heater Manufacturers

We reviewed Ruud water heaters against other top industry-leading brands. In our review, we considered the type of water heater and fuel source. Additionally, we discussed the tank size, energy efficiency, gallon capacity, and on-demand heating. We also considered the price of the best water heaters. This investment is one that homeowners need to think about wisely. It’s an expensive item to purchase, and one that will remain in the home for 10 years or longer. So, we compared the pricing of the best products to help budget shoppers find the best water heater. We also included consumer ratings and reviews with each product review. This information provides readers with an unbiased opinion of each water heater. Therefore, every consumer can select a new water heater given the relevant facts, prices, and average consumer ratings.

Ruud Water Heater Competitors

Ruud is a reliable industry leader in the water heater marketplace. However, there are other reliable manufacturers for homeowners to consider. These are some top water heater brands to consider when buying a new system for the home.

Westinghouse 80-Gallon 4500-Watt Electric Water Heater

  • Offers plentiful hot water without excessive energy consumption
  • 240-Volt connection required for installation
  • Laser-welded 316 l stainless steel tank resists corrosion

The 80-gallon water heater tank features a stainless steel body and lining. It comes with a lifetime warranty, features lightweight construction, and doesn’t require anode rods. There are two stainless steel Incoloy elements internally, and inlet and outlet valves have built-in heat traps.

The lightweight tank resists scale buildup, meaning owners don’t have to clean or flush the water heater often. It has a 98 percent thermal efficiency rating. Low stand-by minimizes heat loss and helps retain temperatures. This design makes it quick for the water heater to reheat water on demand.

One customer noted that upon arrival, the water heater had dents throughout the body. They also indicated that parts were missing with the product.

Its ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars at Home Depot.

American Standard 12-Gallon Electric Water Heater

American Standard CE-12-AS 12 gallon Point of Use Electric Water...
  • Heavy gauge Steel tank
  • Inner Dura glas lined tank fired at 1,600°f for optimum protection from the effects of corrosion
  • Factory installed Brass drain valve on all models allows for easy draining of the unit which reduces sediment deposits...

The heavy-gauge steel tank has a gas-lined finish to prevent corrosion. A brass temperature and release valve minimize rust buildup on the tank as well. The heater has a test rating of 300 psi and 150 psi working pressure.

The brass valves make draining the tank quick and easy. This design helps reduce calcium and sediment buildup at the base of the water heater tank. It includes a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.

A few reviewers indicated that denting throughout the tank was present upon arrival. Poor packaging was another complaint by some consumers.

The average ratings are 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Sure Comfort 40-Gallon Gas Water Heater

ruud water heater competition: sure comfort 40 gallon

The 40-gallon tank includes 34000 BTU/hr and an eco-friendly, low NOx burner. It provides hot water for a household of up to four people and uses a piezo ignition system for heating.

The maintenance-free combustion air intake system eliminates the need for filtration in this water heater. The magnesium anode rod prevents rust buildup on the tank as well. It delivers up to 67 gallons of hot water within the first hour of use.

In one review, the customer states that the pilot light doesn’t stay on when the heater is in use. This design flaw makes it unusable in the home at certain times.

The average ratings are 4.4 out of 5 stars at Home Depot.

Richmond 15-Gallon Short Natural Gas Power Vent Water Heater Tank

RHEEM/RICHMOND 6EP15-1 Richmond Electric Water Heater, 15 Gal, 15...
  • Item Weight: 54.0 lb
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Brand name: Richmond

The 15-gallon tank has a 6-year warranty on parts, labor, and defects. So, consumers have protection if any issues arise during the first six years of ownership. The gas power vent has flexible venting options. These include CPVC, ABS, and PVC piping.

The water heater delivers 80 gallons of hot water within the first hour of use. It has an ENERGY STAR rating as well, so consumers can rely on efficiency. A flammable vapor detector helps prevent leaks. Additionally, the low NOx emissions make it an eco-friendly gas tank as well.

In one review, the customer notes that less than one year after purchase, they’re having problems with the tank. The ignition light won’t remain on while showering/using hot water.

The average ratings are 4.6 out of 5 stars at Home Depot.

EcoSmart Eco 27 Tankless Water Heater

No products found.

Homeowners can save as much as 50 percent on the cost of heating with this tankless water heater. Digital temperature control allows owners to adjust temperatures by 1 degree at a time. The compact size also minimizes the space requirements a traditional water tank requires.

Copper and stainless steel components help prevent rust and preserve the lifespan of this product. Additionally, it operates on 240 volts and requires a 3 40 amp double pole breaker to work. The recommendation for the electric panel is 200 amps with this unit. The temperatures adjust from 80 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

A few consumers indicated that the company doesn’t back the warranty they offer with this heater. In this review, the customer notes customer service and service support issues.

The average ratings are 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Westinghouse 8.2 GPM High-Efficiency Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Westinghouse WGRGHNG150 8.2 GPM High Efficiency Natural Gas Tankless...
  • Holds 2. 5 gallons with its built-in fire tube heat exchanger
  • Features a 316L stainless steel heat exchanger to resist corrosion and last longer than traditional heat exchangers
  • Wall mounted for space-saving installation

The tankless heater operates on natural gas and produces up to 8.2 gallons per minute of hot water. The wall-mountable unit produces ultra-low NOx levels. This aspect makes it highly eco-friendly and reduces gas emissions in the environment. Zero dual-flow activation and a 95 percent thermal rating make this model highly efficient.

There’s a built-in building recirculation mode setting. The settings are smart, time-learned, and auto options for this feature. The durable stainless steel tank is 2.5 gallons. Continuous hot water production means owners never have to wait for hot water. It also ensures hot water never runs out in the house. It comes with a 12-year limited warranty when owners use it for residential purposes (five years for commercial.)

A few reviewers indicate issues with Westinghouse customer service and support. One customer states that broken parts were in the packaging upon arrival. They got a replacement part from the company but had to repair it themselves.

The average ratings are 4.4 out of 5 stars at Home Depot.

Ruud Hybrid Builder Electric Water Heater

No products found.

This heater meets ENERGY STAR requirements and comes with a 10-year limited warranty for homeowners. It requires minimal clearance on top of the water heater, with the side entry system. The water heater also is Wi-Fi capable and provides grid outage information as well as usage details.

The high-efficiency model has a rating of 3.5 to 7.0 UEF and meets NEAA Tier three requirements. Homeowners can also finance the purchase with KwikComfort Financing. The company offers deferred interest rates and easy repayment terms. This system makes the water heater more affordable for homeowners to pay off over several years.

Prices vary locally. Customers have to contact a technician or company in their area that offers this item. It is available in 50, 65, and 80-gallon varieties.

Should You Buy a Ruud Water Heater or an Alternative System?

Although Ruud water heater systems are a reliable brand, there are several great products for homeowners to purchase. For those looking for a gas water heater, the Sure Comfort tank is an excellent product. It has a 40-gallon capacity and delivers up to 67 gallons of hot water in the first hour. It is also eco-friendly and has components to help prevent rust and damage. The side access port minimizes the need for clearance atop or below the tank.

If you’re shopping for an electric water heater, consider the Westinghouse 80-gallon tank. The 4500-watt power, quick reheat, and stainless steel finishes make it a durable, yet affordable, tank. Owners don’t have to clean it often, and the elimination of anode rods makes upkeep easy.

Homeowners who prefer a tankless heater will love the Westinghouse natural-gas system. It pumps up to 8.2 gallons per minute and includes a tank and tankless component. This design gives homeowners flexibility with how they choose to use the system. Continuous hot water production and a built-in recirculation pump maximize efficiency. The tank also has a 95 percent thermal efficiency rating.

And, for those who want a hybrid-electric heater, the Ruud hybrid electric water heater is an excellent selection. It meets ENERGY STAR requirements and instantly increases property value. It’s easy to install because it doesn’t take up much space in homes and features a side water connection system. The system also has dry fire protection. It’s Wi-Fi ready and provides grid inactivity and energy reporting information. Lastly, a 10-year limited warranty comes with the purchase of this system. So, owners know they’re investing in a reliable system that won’t give up on them after a few years.

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