When choosing a new shower head, everyone in the household is probably looking for something different. One person prefers a handheld while the other prefers a fixed system. With a Waterpik shower head, you can have the best of both worlds. It's possible to please everyone in the household when buying a shower head. But, homeowners have to know where to look when purchasing one.

Waterpik Shower Head Comparison Table

There are some things you want to look for when buying your new shower head. A steady water flow rate, high-quality material finish, and usability are some essential characteristics. Additionally, eco-friendly designs, adjustable pressure settings, and different material finishes are aspects to consider in the purchase decision. Regardless of whether your preference is handheld or fixed showers, there's plenty available. Reinvent your bathroom and recreate a spa-experience in your home with a new shower.

How to Select a Waterpik Shower Head

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Not all shower heads are equal. Some produce higher water flow levels; others feature better material finishes. Additionally, some products contain many settings owners can select. There are many products to choose from when buying a Waterpik shower head. The first thing purchasers should do is select the type of shower head. The three main varieties are combination, fixed, and handheld Waterpik shower head varieties. Equally important to many homeowners is the material finish. There's white, stainless steel, brass, oil, or brushed finishes. Of course, consumers also have to consider the shower spray settings. Mist, full-body, power spray, pulsating, and massage varieties are available.

Shower Experience

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Subsequently, consumers should consider the shower experience. Depending on personal preference, most people will select a different Waterpik shower head.

Rain ​Shower

A rain shower head features a drenching spray. High water flow and pressure settings allow owners to adjust the shower experience to their liking. Waterpik shower heads have adjustable necks, pivoting heads, and adjustable arms. They're easy to clean and have multiple spray settings.


Those who prefer a massage shower head can choose from several products. Slow massage, circular, pulsating, and dual/twin massage varieties are available in Waterpik shower heads. Owners can adjust the settings to produce up to two times the water flow levels. The powerful massaging jets help reduce tension to begin the day or the end of a stressful one.

High and Low-Pressure Settings

PowerSpray Waterpik shower head systems allow owners to adjust the pressure levels. Massage, misting, eco-friendly, full body, and rain spray varieties, are some settings owners can choose from. No two people are alike. Thus, consumers should look for those systems with appropriate settings. This product line gives consumers more alternatives to select from. It results in a more enjoyable, relaxing shower experience.

Waterpik Shower Head Features

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The line of Waterpik shower heads contains a variety of innovative designs. Some of these include:

  • ​PowerPulse massage, with up to two times the water flow rate
  • ​OptiFlow systems to maximize water pressure levels
  • ​Eco-Flow to help reduce water consumption in the shower
  • ​Easy Select spray selector to adjust shower spray settings
  • ​Twin Turbo and water saving flow control varieties

Every Waterpik shower head has different characteristics that distinguish them from other products. Regardless of the item you buy, it's important to consider all innovative designs. Doing this makes it easier to find the best system.

Average Price of Waterpik Shower Heads

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A Waterpik shower head's price will vary depending on characteristics and features.

How We Reviewed Waterpik Shower Heads

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When reviewing the Waterpik shower head varieties, we considered several attributes. The flow rate, Power Spray, and the type of shower head were the leading points we focused on. With so many products to choose from, we also compared products of varying price points. And, we included consumer ratings for these products. This information helps customers select the best one for their home. Our Waterpik shower head analysis also focuses on design and usability. We discuss innovative features as well.

The Best Waterpik Shower Head Models Available

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There are many Waterpik shower head systems to choose from. Therefore, consumers should consider several before buying one. These are some of the best combination, handheld, and fixed models available.

Handheld ​Shower ​Head

For those who want something that's easy to move around, a handheld system is an excellent option. These are some of the top handheld Waterpik shower head systems available.

Waterpik XRO 763 Shower Head

Waterpik XRO-763 High Pressure Powerpulse Massage Hand Held Shower Head

This detachable shower head features seven setting options for in-shower use. It has a five-foot hose, allowing owners to rinse those hard to reach areas easily. The chrome finish is durable and won't rust like other finishes. The high-pressure system has the PowerPulse and massage settings owners can select.

PowerPulse delivers up to twice the water flow as comparable shower heads from competitors. The Optiflow technology also delivers up to 2.5 gallons per minute. The high flow rate guarantees an enjoyable shower experience. The system is easy to install, and owners don't need any tools to install it.

One reviewer indicates the power and pressure levels are excellent. However, the hose isn't the best finish available. The reviewer notes that Waterpik uses a cheap chrome finish on this area.

Waterpik SM451 Shower Head

Waterpik SM-451 Original Shower

Similarly to the previous model, this system delivers 2.5 gallons per minute water flow rate. Without a doubt, the five-foot hose is great for children and elderly users. It makes it far easier to rinse hard to reach areas while showering. There are also four spray settings owners can adjust with this product.

It features a massage, pulsating, slow mist, and full body pressure setting. Surprisingly, for the affordable price, the system features a quality chrome finish. Additionally, the system is simple to install. It also includes the limited lifetime warranty from Waterpik as well.

Similarly to other handheld items, the reviewer notes the quality of the hose isn't the best. The poor material finish decreases the value of this Waterpik shower head.

Waterpik LBT-563M Shower Head

Waterpik LBT-563M High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

The Waterpik shower head delivers up to 2.5 gallons per minute water flow rate. Equally important is the OptiFlow technology. It maximizes water flow rates during the shower. An in-handle spray selector makes it easy for owners to select the perfect spray or mist settings.

There are also five spray settings to select on this system. These include PowerSpray and Pulse, and a massage setting. Of course, there's the 2X massage force setting as well. This option allows owners to maximize water flow. It enhances pressure levels as well.

One reviewer notes the spray patterns on this product is narrow. They also state that the water flow rate levels aren't as high as other shower head systems.

Fixed ​Shower ​Head

In contrast, those who prefer a fixed system will also find several items to select. These are some of the best systems available from Waterpik.

Waterpik Six-Mode Rainfall Shower Head

Waterpik Shower Head - Flexible Neck 6-Mode Rainfall Rain Shower

This rain shower system contains six different settings owners can change while showering. The fixed system is white and delivers a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. It has a 12-inch flexible shower head neck. This design allows owners to adjust it to their liking easily.

Owners can adjust the shower head vertically and horizontally. This design helps maximize the spa-like shower experience. The PowerSpray setting allows owners to rinse off in the shower quickly. It also has an anti-clog and easy-clean nozzle system, to maximize water flow levels.

Although this shower head is a good product, this reviewer notes it does break easily. They suggest owners don't adjust the arm extension too much. This helps, to avoid damaging the shower head.

Waterpik XAS-613T Shower Head

Waterpik XAS-613T Shower Head

This product has a brushed nickel finish and delivers up to 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate. It also has six adjustable modes owners can choose from while showering.

The 3.5-inch shower head has a reasonable coverage area. Additionally, it features a 2X massage force setting. The PowerSpray setting allows owners to adjust the pressure levels easily. This produces maximum tension relief when using the massage setting.

This reviewer notes the water pressure levels are lower than other shower systems. They also state the build/construction isn't as good as other products.

Waterpik Rainfall 7-Spray Shower Head

Waterpik Rainfall 7-Spray Shower Head

This system has seven adjustable settings and a sizeable six-inch shower head coverage area. It has a mist, massage, PowerPulse, drenching, and rainfall options. This design allows each owner to adjust the shower to their liking.

The shower head has an in-hand adjustment knob. This style makes it easy for users to change the pressure and mist settings while showering. It produces up to 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate. The water pressure levels are similar to other systems at this price point.

In this review, the customer notes the system works like most standard shower heads. They state they can't tell much difference between the different settings.

Combination ​Shower ​Head

For those who prefer the best of both worlds, a combination system is an excellent system. It's perfect for any household with many family members using the shower. Accordingly, these are some of the top picks in this category of shower heads.

Waterpik XET-633 Shower Head

Waterpik AAD-773T DualSpray 2-in-1 Adjustable Rain Shower Head

The two-in-one dual shower head has a chrome finish throughout the shower head and hose. It delivers up to 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate. Additionally, it has a five-foot hose, making it easy to rinse the back and other areas while showering.

There's a three-way diverter on this product. Accordingly, it allows owners to choose from a handheld, shower head, or both uses. The high-performance shower head also includes a lifetime warranty with its purchase.

This reviewer states that with the small shower head, the water pressure is excellent. However, with the more massive shower head, the water pressure dips significantly.

Waterpik Finch Combination Shower Head

Waterpik Finch Combination Shower Head

The combination shower head has six invigorating settings for owners to select. Equally important is the three-way diverter. It allows users to choose handheld, fixed shower, and combination modes.

The settings range from PowerSpray to mist, rainfall and massage settings. The item produces up to 2.0 gallons per minute water flow rate.

In one review the customer states the handheld system doesn't operate well. They note that the dial knob only functions occasionally. This drawback detracts from the system's value.

Waterpik PowerSpray + Dual Shower

Waterpik PowerSpray + Dual Shower

This shower head includes a three-way diverter. It allows users to set fixed, combination, or handheld water spray settings. The two heads feature full body coverage and OptiFlow technology. This system allows owners to adjust the water pressure levels accordingly. This design creates the most enjoyable experience.

It has an anti-clog nozzle, and the handheld system has a five-foot hose. It also includes a WaterSense certification and delivers up to 1.8 gallons per minute water flow.

One reviewer indicates the handheld system constantly leaks. This fact is even with the water shut off. This defect detracts from quality and usability of the handheld wand with this Waterpik shower head combination system.

The Best Handheld, Fixed, and Combo Waterpik Shower Head

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No matter what type of systems you prefer in your home, a Waterpik shower head is an excellent investment. For those who like the fixed system, the 7-Spray Shower Head shower head is an excellent selection. In addition to seven adjustable settings, it delivers two gallons of water per minute. Additionally, the six-inch spray head is larger than comparable systems. With such a large coverage area, owners will experience an invigorating massage shower experience.

If you prefer a handheld Waterpik shower head, the LBT-563M shower head is an excellent product. It contains five spray settings, massage, and pulse settings. It produces up to 2.5 gallons of water flow rate per minute. Additionally, the in-handle adjustment dial makes it easy for owners to adjust settings mid-shower.

And, if you want a combination system, the Waterpik Finch shower head is one of the best products. It has the three-way diverter allowing users to choose between fixed, handheld, or a combination. The six adjustment options also give owners control of the water pressure settings and spray varieties. Mist, PowerSpray, and massage settings are available on this shower head. A five-foot hose also makes it easy to reach the back and other areas that are difficult to rinse.

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